UK NEWS: Boris Johnson is facing calls to reduce the hurdles as the Covid-19 vaccine milestone arrives

The UK has recorded 15 million vaccines for the coronavirus vaccine, a milestone that is expected to increase pressure on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to start reopening the economy.

Johnson praised what he called “unusual action” and said England had already met the target set earlier this year to vaccinate the top four teams, including the over-70s, on February 15. Wales also confirmed they had reached the threshold. More than 25% of adults have now received at least one shot.

The UK has introduced one of the world’s most effective vaccines, providing hundreds of thousands of vaccines every day. That is a politically acceptable stimulus for Johnson, whose government is accused of catching the epidemic, which has claimed more than 117,000 lives.

However, it sets the stage for a confrontation with Conservative Parliamentarians demanding that the Prime Minister immediately remove the third national lock that has shut down schools and closed businesses that are still struggling with deep economic collapse for more than 300 years.

In a letter to Johnson, a group of 63 members of Parliament said there was “no reason” not to remove all Covid restrictions by the end of April when the government hoped it would vaccinate everyone over the age of 50.

Meanwhile in the tourism industry, things are getting tougher. From Monday, passengers arriving in the UK from the coronavirus tropics will have to be separated from government-owned hotel rooms for ten days. The new rules apply to anyone who has visited any of the 33 countries on the travel ban list in the last 10 days.

Key Groups

In a video message on Sunday, Johnson praised the “landmark” in the fight to control the disease, with four priority groups estimated at 88% of Covid-19 deaths.

The government plans to vaccinate another 17 million people by the end of April, including 99% of those at risk of dying from Covid-19, when all adults are given the first dose in the fall.

But while infection rates – among the highest in Europe – are falling, the prime minister has emphasized the need for caution. Johnson wants schools to reopen on March 8. The government will then consider resting on foreign recreation, followed by unnecessary sales and then travel, according to a government official.

The UK reported 10,972 new cases on Sunday, and the total infection is now 4 million. That has been down since the beginning of January, when the U.K. It sent an average of seven days of nearly 60,000 cases a day. There were 258 new deaths.

The government plans to draw a road map to the current borders on February 22.

“We have to be careful how we go,” Foreign Minister Dominic Raab told Sky. “We have made good progress. We do not want to see it resolved because we are going too far. ”

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