UK NEWS: Boris Johnson unveils student support program during school visits

Boris Johnson unveils student support program during school visits
Workers say the Prime Minister’s pledge will still leave schools worse than a decade ago

Boris Johnson participated in a children’s education workshop from Richard Avenue Primary School in Sunderland earlier this year. Boris Johnson will visit the school on Monday to brag about bringing in annual student promotions – which Labor says will still leave schools worse than a decade ago.

The premier made raising tuition fees as collateral for many documents last year, after the reduction of schools became a major problem in the 2017 national elections.

To ensure a second year of three-year residency, the government must announce that each high school will attract at least $ 5,150 per student and each foundation will be at least $ 4,000 under the national financial formula from 2021.

In a statement issued before his visit to the southeastern school, Johnson said: “All children deserve a better education – no matter what school they attend, or where they grew up.

“That’s why we’re giving more money now and in the future to all schools – for those who were previously unfunded.”

But Shadow Education Secretary Kate Green cited a study by thinktank the Institute for Fiscal Study, which showed that Conservative programs would still scare schools 2022-23 more than when a coalition government took office in 2010.

Green said: “Additional school fees are needed and welcome, but it was the Conservative Government that removed the school budget for the first time in generations, and began to bring in more money as a result of tireless campaigns from parents, school staff, and the Labor Party.”

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson also announced details of a $ 1bn fund to help students who missed classes during the Covid-19 violence.

The premier has promised a “big summer holiday” last month, as pressure from the government over the failure of all students in schools.

However, the first payment will only be made in the fall, followed by a series of payments for the other two terms of the 2020-21 academic year.

They will spend $ 80 per student, so that a school for 1,000 students and students will receive $ 80,000, and 200,000 for primary school. Principals will be encouraged to spend the same amount of money on students who are experiencing difficulties.

Separately, the National Tutoring Program will allow schools to receive subsidized funding for the second half of the autumn period for disadvantaged children.

The other initiative will also help other previously disadvantaged schools to find educators to provide specialized support to abusive children, by engaging with a charitable organization.

Schools will be required to pay for national insurance and other recruitment costs for their advisers.

Teaching First chief executive Russell Hobby said: “We are honored to join the National Tutoring Program to end the recruitment of junior teachers in education.

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