UK NEWS: Britain says the mayor of London ‘bank’ is the capital, demanding a reduction in costs

LONDON – Britain wants to force the London governing body to sell the land and reduce running costs as part of the COVID-19’s poor recovery plan designed to keep the capital’s transport system running.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, of the opposition Labor Party, has called for a 5.7-kilometer package for Transport for London (TfL) after commuters abandoned trains and public buses during the outbreak.

Khan says accordingly the government is aiming for increased fares and the fragmentation of other revenue collection measures such as increasing the size of the overcrowded area that requires drivers to pay driving fares in the city.

“There must be a solution with him,” Housing Minister Robert Jenrick told LBC Radio.It can also mean paying for some of the costs. ”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government is locked in talks with several city mayors over how businesses should be compensated when they are forced to close during the closure and how public services can continue.

Khan, who held the cost of the single fare, said in a statement government proposals would prevent Londoners from traveling, further damaging any economic recovery.

He said in the past the government had provided more assistance to private national railway owners who had experienced similar declines.

Jenrick said he should “resolve the fact that the mayor has invested in TfL and the Greater London Authority.”

“How do we take this forward? I fear it will not continue to return to taxpayers all over the United Kingdom. “

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