UK NEWS: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plays with toys as students watch as they visit The Discovery School in Kent, Britain.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday urged parents to send their children back to school next month after the summer holidays, which he saw as an important step in helping the country and its economy in reviving the coronavirus ban.

Johnson followed a warning over the weekend from medical advisers who said students were at greater risk of missing out on their education than catching the virus.

“The risk of getting a COVID-19 certificate at school is very less and severely impairs the child’s development and health as well as the distance from school,” Johnson said in his statement.

“This is why it is so necessary that we send our children back to class so that they can learn and be with their friends. Nothing will have a greater impact on our children’s health opportunities than going back to school. ”

Schools closed their doors in March, with the exception of the children of key staff, reopened in June with only a small number of students.

Bringing students back to school could give parents the opportunity to return to their workplaces, which the government recommends help the economy regain a record 20% of its second policy.

However, confidence in the government’s approach to schools took off last week when education minister Gavin Williamson was forced to receive U-test results.

Top medical officials from the governments of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on Saturday said there was a very low rate of serious illness in children, even if they caught COVID-19, with a lower risk of death.

A poll released by the YouGov polling company on August 5 revealed that 26% of respondents believe that schools should not reopen in September, and that 56% say that children are returning to class.

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