UK NEWS: Buyers without face masks risk £ 100 fines as Government moves to impose fine

The face mask will be mandatory in stores and supermarkets, a fine of up to £ 100 for anyone who fails to comply with the new rules, the government will announce on Tuesday. Matt Hancock, Secretary of Health, will ensure that the Government’s guidelines for making face masks in stores and supermarkets in England will be reviewed from July 24.

The announcement came after days of confusion, when Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister and Michael Gove, Minister in the Cabinet Office, made conflicting statements that the face mask should be compulsory in stores
These rules will mean the current guidelines that require a mask to be worn for public development in England will be extended to cover stores and supermarkets.

Government sources said ministers would look into the situation and could bring similar guidance to other arrangements in the future. The changes will follow trends introduced in Scotland, where face-to-face compulsion has been forced into stores since last year.

The Government’s decision also moves the UK to a large part of Europe, where face cover stores have been required in Germany, Spain, Italy and Greece for weeks.
The Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 will be amended to allow police to impose a fine of up to £ 100 on people who fail to wear face masks in shops and supermarkets.

Children under the age of 11 and those with disabilities will be released.
Spokesman No. 10 said: “There is growing evidence that wearing a face mask can help protect people and those close to them from coronavirus.

“The Prime Minister has made it clear that people should wear face masks in stores, and we will do this from July 24.”
The new rules will apply to the police, not to shoplifters, who should “promote compliance”, officials said.
This comes after James Daunt, director of shophop chain Waterstones, on Monday said it was “not fair” to ask employees to apply the law because there are “small, small people who will argue about it”.

On Monday, a spokesman for the National Council of Police Chiefs, representing the senior police officers, said: “Once we have the full details of the new law, we will release the police and the director for their role in its implementation.”
The policy change came shortly after official statistics showed that the daily death toll in the UK increased by 11 to 44,830 – a 24-hour low rate from mid-March.

The government has warned the public to wear a face mask in public places such as shops, where they will be surrounded by people they do not usually meet, from May 11.
Scientific studies have shown that wearing a face mask over the mouth and nose can reduce the risk of an infected person transmitting the virus to another person.

Last week, the World Health Organization said there was “evidence” that Covid-19 could be broadcast on airborne particles, and Venki Ramakrishnan, president of the Royal Society, said everyone should wear a face mask in all public places.

Mr Johnson appeared to be intent on making them compelled on Friday when he said the Government should “be firm when urging people to wear face masks in confined spaces”. He then argued with Mr Gove, who on Sunday said it was “better to trust the common sense of the people” than to force them to accept the drawings.

The premier tried to clarify the position when he visited the London Ambulance Service on Monday, saying: “I think people should wear [face masks] in stores. “And, as for how we do that, whether we make it compulsory or not, we will be looking for leadership – we will be saying more in the next few days.

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