UK NEWS: Coronavirus New lock rules can include home blockchain blocking in any case

High-level areas will be barred from meeting people from other families in any situation.

England is expected to be filmed on three different tracks next week, with millions of people facing stiff limits as the government tries to get hold of rising coronavirus cases and hospital admissions.

Restaurants, restaurants and leisure centers are expected to be closed in the Northern parts and placed on a solid level, according to two sources who have seen plans for the current plans.

Under the proposals, people living in a solid phase – phase three – are also expected to be instructed not to contact anyone outside their family in any case, according to one person familiar with government-sponsored plans.

This goes beyond the current laws in Northern cities with high levels of infection such as Newcastle and Liverpool – where people can meet other homes outside – but not in their own garden or shebeen garden.

A strong rate will also come with a package of financial compensation for businesses forced to close the store.

A second source who also saw the tiering proposals said the two borders would be the same as the current one in the North East and Merseyside – no intersection of homes in gardens or gardens, and no house mixed with hospitality.

Meeting people living in different homes in those areas is currently “advisable” but illegal.

Those at the same level will be in the category of the easiest touch, where the public is expected to follow the sixth law and keep the distance away from the community.

Whitehall sources have emphasized that nothing has been signed yet. “There is still a lot of work to be done,” they said.

Earlier, Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick told that the government was “looking at different approaches”.

He said ministers were trying to take a “regional and cohesive approach”, especially in the cities of the North East, North West and others such as Nottingham.

The government planned to announce the new plan today, but instead decided to roll it out next week and implement it immediately across England amid a growing alarm in the government over rising COVID-19 cases and rising hospital admissions.

“The numbers in the North are very alarming,” a Whitehall man told.

“The worrying thing about the spread of this disease in some parts of the country seems to be that it is affecting the elderly,” they added.

Ministers are also concerned about pressure on hospitals as we approach winter.

It comes amid growing anger from local political leaders over a lack of consultation between Westminster and the city mayor, with talks about a local closure being held between officials rather than politicians.

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham says ministers have given “no discussion” and “no consultation” about new coronavirus measures in his area.

Newcastle City Council leader Nick Forbes added: “We need to negotiate with the government, and a strong sense of co-operation, rather than the proclamation without notice.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock briefed public health officials and local teams on proposals Wednesday afternoon, but political leaders were not included in the call.

“There are no details,” the regional leader told. “There is politics going on here.”

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