UK NEWS: Coronavirus Northern leaders warn of further locks on ‘serious’ consequences

New measures could be taken in the northwest of England as soon as Wednesday due to growing cases, understands.

Leaders in northern England have warned that some coronavirus restrictions will have a “negative impact” on the country and the region’s global economy.

Their comments come as Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to make a statement to Members of Parliament on Monday in anticipation of the launch of a three-pronged plan for the closure of England.

In a letter to the councilor and health and housing secretaries on Friday, mayors and councilors said further closures would lead to “demolition” in the region.

“Other locks will have a negative impact on our urban and urban areas and the overall economy of the region. It will lead to the balance of our region and end the good work we have done over the past decade to improve the well-being of our people.”

New measures could be implemented in northwestern England as soon as Wednesday due to growing COVID-19 cases, understands.

Several opportunities were given during a telephone meeting between local leaders and Westminster figures, including Prime Minister Sir Edward Lister’s chief strategic adviser, on Friday.

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick was also on the phone.

Sources at the meeting told that the government had proposed measures to stop people moving in and out of the worst-affected areas.

Sources also said the government plans to submit its proposed measures to Parliament on Monday for implementation on Wednesday.

The three-phase program – known as Local COVID Information Levels – is expected to be medium, high and very high.

Under very high notice, bars and bars will need to close, but not restaurants.

Sir Edward said it was “very likely” that some local areas would face “other limitations” due to the “increased incidence” of COVID-19.

In a letter to members of parliament, he said the government would discuss difficult decisions with local leaders.

Sir Edward added that Mr Johnson believes local leaders should “help formulate roadmap in the most affected areas”.

Expected measures in the north of England come as Fiona Lemmens, chairman of the NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group, said the situation at Aintree and Royal hospitals was “grave”.

The new borders will be unveiled in northwestern Wales at 6pm on Saturday.

It follows a sharp increase in cases in Bangor, said First Minister Mark Drakeford.

The development comes amid concerns that the expansion of the UK-wide Job Support Scheme, announced by Councilor Rishi Sunak, may not be enough.

Business workers who have been forced to close due to tight-closing measures will have two-thirds of their government-paid salaries.

Mr Sunak said the policy would “provide businesses with security” and provide “fair support in a timely manner”.

Four northern mayors have said the expansion of the program is “just the beginning”.

They and other northern leaders will meet on Saturday to discuss the idea “in detail”.

Mel Green, manager of Black Bull in Otley, West Yorkshire, said two-thirds of a person’s income would “not reduce it”.

Bar trading is one where “everyone at the lowest national income is very good”, and many workers “live together and have reduced hours”, he said.

In a typical daily rehabilitation, another 13,864 coronavirus cases and more than 87 deaths were announced across the UK on Friday.

Five of the 22 European regions with the highest levels of coronavirus infection in the north of England, analysis said.

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