UK NEWS: Coronavirus School children and parents could be among the groups that put priority on the COVID-19 test, says Cabinet Minister

School children and their parents could be prioritized for coronavirus testing – after hospitals and nursing homes – as the government faces “real challenges” in the program, a cabinet minister.

The government has come under increasing pressure over the lack of access to COVID-19 tests in some areas – suspected laboratory power problems – and has admitted it could take a “weekly issue” to resolve issues.

Members of Parliament have been told that the coronavirus test should now be a priority, and the government has indicated that there may be an additional level of testing.

Currently anyone showing signs of coronavirus can receive an NHS test, as well as those who have been asked to be tested at a hospital or local council.

Mr Hancock on Tuesday told MPs that hospitals and care homes would be prioritized in the COVID-19 test.

And Mr Buckland suggested that school students and their parents follow in the test.

Mr Buckland stressed that the government had “accepted the scale of the challenge” regarding pre-wave test for coronavirus infection this winter, noting that the number of testing centers increased from 400 to 500.

“We have seen what happened in France.”We are all about this in the fall – if we want to find a balance between getting the economy back on track and getting our children back in school – then we all now have a special responsibility to follow all those guidelines and do whatever it takes to fight the virus.”

Number 10 confirmed that details of the key priorities for coronavirus testing will be published this week.

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