UK NEWS: Councils have given new powers to closed shops and cancel events

Boris Johnson gives local authorities strong control to enable them to “take immediate action in response to an outbreak”.Local authorities now have the power to close stores to deal with the coronavirus outbreak. Councilors across England have been given new powers to close shops and cancel events on the march aimed at preventing the closure.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Friday local authorities would be given control over the weekend, as he laid out new details of reclaiming the country normally following the outbreak of the coronavirus. James Jamieson, chairman of the Local Government Association (LGA) representing council leaders, said he hoped new measures to prevent the closure, such as the one seen in Leicester, would be sought in the future.

PM takes advice to close SAGE entry ‘seriously’
The premier said at a press conference in Downing Street on Friday: “From tomorrow, local authorities will have new powers in their areas. “They will be able to close certain buildings, close out public spaces, and cancel events. “This force will allow local authorities to act more quickly to respond to outbreaks when speed is critical.”

Ministers will also be given more powers, to be given more details next week, which will enable them to close factories and economic sectors in certain regions. Mr Jamieson said: “Local-led responses have shown that they are the best way to deal with major outbreaks, which is emphasized by this framework. “Councils are better aware of our communities and are able to deal with different outbreaks of violence.

“The strong capacity of councils to take immediate and effective action to address the outbreak of this province will help prevent the need for strong action to be put in place.” He further added that the use of force “should be the last resort” and called for “high-level data” to be made available to councils to allow them to perform better in real time and increase the price of infection “.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock sets out what boundaries he has and has not yet been removed from Leicester. Part of the Leicester Lockdown promotion. This goes in the middle of the queue about how ministers have been embarrassed to enter Leicester and certain parts of the surrounding area.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced that part of the city’s closure measures would be addressed on Thursday, but said COVID-19 prices were still too high to allow pubs and restaurants to reopen. Leicester Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby has since accused the government of punishing businesses and residents in a city that is heavily voted for by workers.

Areas outside Leicester City and the Oadby and Wigston incident will meet England’s closure rules in England from Saturday. It means that non-essential stores, bars, restaurants and hairdressers that are not in a continuous protected area will be allowed to open from 18 July.

Non-essential stores and schools in Leicester City as well as Oadby and Wigston provinces will be open from July 24, but bars, restaurants and hairdressers will remain closed, so the review will take place on August 1st. Leicester’s rate of new coronavirus cases per 100,000 population decreased from 126.1 in seven days to 7 July to 92.9 in seven days to 14 July, according to data released on Friday.

Leicester to stay closed for another two weeks – but there have been some changes. Mr Johnson also signed a major increase in coronavirus restrictions in England at a Friday forum, resting on leadership at work and at home and paving the way for theaters and theaters to reopen.

Leading scientists have warned the Prime Minister that he may suffer to bring up his idea of ​​”recovery” at Christmas. Sir Mark Walport, a former scientific adviser, said that it would be difficult to achieve with respiratory illnesses tending to flourish in the colder weather.

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