UK NEWS: COVID-19 Staff spokesman calls anti-vax content ‘garbage’ after urgent communications law was sought

The government emphasizes its strong commitment to Facebook, Twitter and Google to tackle illegal information.

The content of anti-vaccines on social media is “toxic” and “garbage” and should be “pressed”, Labor said.

Hoping to increase the jab of COVID-19 by the end of the year, the opposition party has called for urgent legislation to remove “dangerous content that is anti-dynamic”, such as gaps against the use of policies.

The party wants the government to introduce laws that will include fines and criminal fines for companies that fail to comply with this content.

Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth told Sophy Ridge on Sunday that “dangerous nonsense” is still being circulated on social media by people who oppose the injection and is “destroying confidence” in vaccines.

There are “poisons, trash (and) conspiracy theories” online and “all that is nonsense”, he added.

Mr Ashworth said Labor wanted to work with the government to address the issue.

You want “strong public health messages” because people will have “legal questions” about policies.

Asked if people should be forced to accept the jjab, Mr Ashworth said “no”.

Dignity culture secretary Jo Stevens wrote to Cultural Secretary Oliver Dowden emphasizing that “the spread of anonymous online information poses a real and real danger” in vaccination efforts.

Ms Stevens said: “The government has a poor record of taking action on social media that facilitates the dissemination of anonymous information.

Workers stressed that the government’s involvement in social media, which is aimed at combating vaccination, has not gone far enough.

Two independent ministers in their cabinet wrote to the Secretary of Culture in their letter: “We need action now and – as these companies have not been able to take action themselves – we call on the government to introduce urgent legislation that will include finance and crime.

“Workers will give the government the votes it needs to get this bill in the House of Representatives.”

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