UK NEWS: Covid-19 UK daily number exceeds 50,000 again, Boris govt says no to prevent

The United Kingdom (UK) is seeing a new increase in the daily conditions of coronavirus (Covid-19). For more than a week, the country has recorded more than 40,000 cases. On Thursday, daily statistics exceeded the number of 50,000 people and 52,009 people tested for the virus, the highest one-day number since July 17. Up to 115 patients died from related complications, and another 29,000 recovered during the day.

Currently, the UK has 14,44,489 active cases, while the accumulated tallies accounted for 86,41,221 cases, 1,39,146 deaths and 70,57,586 cases.

On Wednesday, Health Minister Sajid Javid said daily incidents in the UK could rise to 1,00,000, adding that the epidemic was not over.

Increased hospitalization of Covid-19

Apart from the increase in cases, there has also been an increase in the number of admissions to hospitals. On Thursday, 959 patients were hospitalized, bringing the total number of admissions to more than 563,000. Health care facilities are once again on the brink of frustration before winter.

“It all strikes at once,” said Tim Spector, a professor of genetics at King’s College London, according to a New York Times report. “We’re in a non-human world,” said Spector, who is leading a large-scale study of Covid-19 symptoms, he added.

There are no new limits right now

Despite the spread of the virus, Boris Johnson’s government has said no new borders will be reinstated at this time. “We are looking at the details, we have not yet used the system,” the health minister said on Wednesday.

The UK has lifted all restrictions in the last four months despite the high rate of infection, the New York Times reported. According to the government, the immediate release of vaccines has reduced the link between infection and serious illness.

Earlier, Matthew Taylor, head of the NHS Confederation, had urged Johnson’s management to bring back certain restrictions such as forced wearing of masks in crowded places, working at home (WFH) and setting restrictions on unnecessary internal meetings. Several European countries, including France, have also introduced similar methods to contain the spread of this deadly virus.

‘Careful looking at numbers every day’: UK PM

The premier said on Thursday his government was paying close attention to daily Covid-19 figures. “Infection rates are high but we are within the limits of what was predicted,” Johnson said.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic last year, Johnson and his ministers have repeatedly faced criticism for their slow response to the critical stages of the epidemic.

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