UK NEWS: Covid-19 UK Prime Minister Johnson wants to make travel inspection easier and cheaper

Boris Johnson said the focus is on making the tourism inspection regime ‘as flexible and affordable as possible.’

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday said he wanted the government to make foreign countries simpler and cheaper, pointing out that faster tests could be used after the aviation industry criticized the current needs as critical.

EasyJet CEO Johan Lundgren has criticized some of the government’s plans to resume the trip, questioning the role of testing.

Asked about Lundgren’s comments and asked if a quick lateral test could return PCR tests to travelers’ needs, Johnson said: “I think we want to make things as easy as possible … EasyJet manager is ready to focus on this, we’ll see what we can do to make things more flexible and affordable as possible. “

“I would like to see international travel begin again. We have to face reality … we will not do it immediately. But that does not mean we have stopped on May 17.”

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