UK NEWS: COVID-19 Weekly deaths in England and Wales have been the highest since May

There were 2 466 coronavirus deaths in the church as of November 13 in England and Wales.

Statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics (ONS), which include death certificates in reference to COVID-19, show an increase of 529 (27%) over the past seven days with the figure at 1,937 deaths.

It is the highest weekly number since the week ending May 22nd.

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Coronavirus mortality, which increased for the 10th week in a row, accounted for five deaths in England and Wales that week.

The northwest of England had the highest number, recording 615 in seven days – the highest in the region since the week ended May 15, according to the ONS.

In Yorkshire and Humber 450 people were killed; and is the highest in the region since the week ending May 15th.

A total of 284 deaths have been registered in the West Midlands – the highest number from Sunday to May 22 – while 245 are registered in the East Midlands: the highest number from Sunday to 15 May.

In Wales, the death toll from COVID-19 increased from 166 deaths per week to November 6 to 190 per week until November 13.

Considering all the causes of death, 12,254 people died per week as of November 6 in England and Wales – 1,904 (18.4%) over an average of five years.

All regions of England, and Wales, have witnessed a higher rate of deaths than the average five years.

Although, the ONS said the data showed weekly deaths from non-registered coronavirus were less than five years in the third consecutive week.

The ONS said 62 162 deaths from COVID-19 deaths have occurred in England and Wales since November 13.

It comes as statistics show that coronavirus levels have dropped in many parts of England, with falls being recorded in 249 of 315 places.

However, London and the South East blocked the practice as Swale in Kent came just after Hull as the nation’s second COVID destination.

The level at sea level is 565 cases per 100,000 people (848 cases in total), up from an average of 531 last week.

The figures, which are for seven days to 19 November, are based on laboratory tests and the general public, and are published by Public Health England.

Meanwhile, Oxford University and AstraZeneca have announced that their coronavirus vaccine is up to 90% effective.

It is hoped that the doses could begin in the next month.

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