UK NEWS: Despite Brexit, Donald Trump’s trade war with the EU puts thousands of Scottish jobs at risk

Donald Trump’s administration continues to treat the UK as an EU member with the aim of getting sanctions on the Airbus trade dispute and will increase its inventory based on illegal tariffs, writes Brian Wilson

With friends like Donald Trump, does Boris Johnson of Brexit in Britain really need enemies?

The UK government does well to remember that historical fact before deepening its hatred for China, in line with the current American approach.

There was no shortage of reasons given for pulling the plug on Huawei in the UK – security began to issue a bill that followed Hong Kong and allegations of human rights violations against Uyghurs.

None of this is new and the general rule of international trade is that the nose should be held in place during the event. Diplomacy instead of trade is a way to influence legitimate countries.

U.S. tax rates cause more damage to the Scot whiskey industry than Covid-19
The moral code of the outside world is a good idea but it is always difficult to follow – which is why it makes sense to separate it from the trade, except in the worst cases.

Controversy over the existence of these scenarios would have been more convincing if President Trump had not immediately informed the world that the UK stabbed Huawei for telling them, a fact that could be a story.

One of the problems with begging for great thinking is that once it has started, there is no logical point to stop. If China is so bad, do we really want its students? Do we want them to control 25 percent of the North Sea? Do we want them to fund our infrastructure?

It is not as if China has no options. They also have a good understanding of their history which does not encourage them to view the UK as a font of humanity and justice, which they have the right to teach how to conduct their affairs.

One Whitehall observer has noted that Beijing is promoting “soft power” worldwide with its impressive claim of Silk Road, which includes billions of dollars in international investment.

Silk Road is not a geographical area but comes from the Chinese concept as the world’s first retailer, excluding seas and borders. Through Silk Road, it seeks to restore that status from Africa to Latin America. Do they really need the UK so much?

The bellicose trade war with China in the election year could be just what President Trump needs. It is not very clear, as we are leaving the EU and leaving behind Covid-19, that is what the UK needs.

And what about the United States that seems to place all the bets available? You should not realize that, in the real world, our main partner on the water edge is currently fighting a trade war with us – not us.

Even though we are outside the EU, Washington continues to behave as if we are inside with the intention of being deterred from the Airbus dispute. The World Trade Organization has authorized US tax rates on non-commercial products to reimburse Brussels for illicit subsidies.

Products targeted at illegal tax rates simply include malt whiskey, cashmere knightwear and a short piece. It is alleged that this election reflects Trump’s flirtatious attitude towards Scotland in the next great light that followed the great love. I know from personal experience – remember the Banana Wars? – that none of these things happen by accident.

Things can get worse. On August 12, the US will decide on a listing that may include blended whiskey and gin. Not everyone knows this, but 80 percent of UK gin is now made in Scotland. If this happens, it is estimated that 6,500 jobs are at risk.

It’s time for the UK government to call on any of the pieces it holds in Washington to say it’s not a good idea to be attacked by your best friend at the same time and turn your back on the previous one.

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