UK NEWS: England restarts closing down Lockdown but intensifies penalties for violations

LONDON (UK) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday ordered a reopening of the English economy to recover as data suggests a resurgence of the CVID-19 epidemic.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is seen before the arrival of Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin, at Hillsborough Castle, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
The move highlights the government’s critical balance between protecting the economy and preventing the spread of the virus, simultaneously with the announcement of immigrants from France and severe penalties for those who refuse to wear the mask.

Extended Lockdown in northwest England as COVID-19 cases remain high
Last month, during a growing number of cases, Johnson said there was a flashing light on the dashboard, and also stopped reopening casinos, bowling, sking rinks.

On Friday, he said the phase of the reopening process could go further.

“Today, we have been able to announce some changes that will allow more people to return to work and the community to return to what they have missed out on,” he said.

Many businesses are now allowed to operate, although under strict guidelines. Friday’s announcement stated that crowd testing at sporting events could also go ahead and the indoor stadium, music and performance could be started with a diverse audience.

The National Bureau of Statistics said the slight increase in the percentage of people found receiving COVID-19 in July was over, though some said this was not the first driver of a lockdown closure.

“I don’t think it’s really taken for granted because of the epidemic, I think it’s actually taken for economic reasons,” John Edmunds, one of the scientists who advised the government on its response to the epidemic, told BBC radio.

Johnson also announced a fine of up to 3,200 ($ 4,175) for those who repeatedly refused to wear a face mask where necessary, and warned that he would stop closing the door if necessary.

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