UK NEWS: English COVID infections stabilize at 50,000 per day – ONS estimates

LONDON – New COVID-19 infections in England have stabilized at about 50,000 a day, the National Statistics Office said on Friday, indicating a drop in rising cases even before England was drawn into a second national shutdown.

The ONS said it was estimated that there were an estimated 45,700 new cases every day in the week to October 31, a slight decrease from last week’s average of 51,900.

“The incident appears to be stable for about 50,000 new infections a day,” the ONS said in its weekly infection survey.

An estimated 618,700 people contracted the disease last week, up from 568,100 last week.

That equates to an average of 90, an average increase from 1 in 100 last week.

The ONS looks at estimating community infection numbers more than those tested, providing a measure of infection that can be affected by the test volume.

The infection study found that there was an increase in self-esteem everywhere outside the northeast, parts of which had been under more severe measures to close the area, ahead of a new national arrival on Thursday.

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