UK NEWS: Families of 1,200 people killed by the virus tell Boris ‘you can’t run away from us’

The families of 1,200 coronavirus victims arrived on Downing Street demanding public inquiries about the government’s handling of the disease. Boris Johnson is currently under pressure to launch an investigation after more than 153,000 people signed a petition online. It explains how ‘there were large gaps in the global damage’ of the coronavirus epidemic, including ‘ground delays, inadequate supply of PPE and entry-level care policies’.

It then lamented the ways in which the government continued to speak of ‘unauthorized success’, which the bereaved families described as ‘extremely harmful’ hearing. An official request was sent to the Prime Minister last month but he and his team have yet to respond.

The group is now sending a message to John Johnson that he says ‘you will not continue to run away from us’. The group’s founder Jo Goodman, 32, who lost his father Stuart, 72, on April 2, said he thought if the PM did not come to them they would go to him. AVAILABLE Top articles on the Metro’s modern-day slavery ” in every city and town across Britain ‘, says Secretary of Justice allowing the government to ‘risk a second death without learning from their mistakes’, saying it was “unbelievable” that they were ignoring family requests.

He joined others in capturing photos of their loved ones as they posted pictures outside the gates of South Road. My sisters Hannah, 24, and Tasha Brady, 22, lost their father Shaun, 55, of coronavirus, although he was a ‘good and healthy worker’. They think he contracted the virus through public transportation eight days before Lockdown started in March. Hannah said: ‘We do not want to apologize for my father’s death.

We want the government to accept its failure so that mistakes with the same catastrophe do not happen again in the future. Families say their loved ones would have died if the country had been trapped earlier her Berrice Moore, 88, who died of coronavirus at Worcestershire Hospital on Easter Sunday after being admitted for the first time with a water infection. He likened the government’s response to a firefighter not doing enough to extinguish a house.

He said: ‘I want them to face charges, they should be prosecuted. Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock, whoever was in the meeting and knew people were going to die and did nothing. Both he and his mother, 61, were admitted to hospital with coronavirus symptoms after the March 16 outbreak. Shango the gorilla tested for coronavirus after being diagnosed with the flu at the zoo WHO reports that it contains 230,000 cases worldwide in 24 hours.

UC Cleo Burgon, 33, said she was one of the ‘lucky’ ones who spoke to her father Martin, 72, before he was fitted with a ventilator. He died at the hospital two weeks later on April 24. Pub fences an electric fence to make sure people are far away. He said: ‘Boris Johnson was walking around with people’s hands in early March. How in the world can they start blaming foster homes for what went wrong with this disease? ‘A government spokesman said:’ This has been an unprecedented catastrophe and all deaths from the virus are catastrophic. The government has taken action

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