UK NEWS: ‘If Glasgow fails, everything fails’: UK PM Boris Johnson

A major UN climate summit opened on Sunday between the pope’s prayer petitions and activists’ demands for action, beginning fortnight of intense talks in nearly 200 countries aimed toward accelerating global response to warming.

As UN officials host a climate summit at its official opening in Glasgow, the world’s leading economic leaders at the tip of their various talks in Italy are committed to reducing pollution from burning coal and other minerals. But the agreement was unclear and it absolutely was not a serious pressure that some had hoped would give impetus to the climate conference.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the guarantees made within the Paris climate agreement are now commencing to sound “absurd” six years later.

Johnson did something wrong on Sunday at the top of the Group of 20 conference in Rome. “If we don’t take action now, the Paris agreement are considered within the future not when people open their eyes to the matter, but at a time once we are shocked and appearance away,” nation leader said.

The 2015 Paris Agreement seeks to keep up a “below-normal” rise of two degrees Celsius and a “pursuit of efforts” to limit it to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Britain had hoped the “G20 bounce” would enter the UN summit on temperature change. But Johnson said the group of huge economies must move forward.

“If Glasgow fails, everything fails,” he said.

Government leaders face two options at the climate conference, Patricia Espinosa, head of the UN climate agency, announced at the opening of the conference: they might significantly reduce greenhouse emission emissions and help communities and countries survive heating, says Espinosa. . “Or we accept that humanity faces a bleak future during this world.”

“It is for these and other reasons that we’d like to enhance here in Glasgow,” Espinosa said. “We should make it successful.”

As the opening ceremony in Glasgow officially begins negotiations, referred to as COP26, the much-anticipated launch comes on Monday, when world leaders will close to place their countries’ efforts to prevent greenhouse emission emissions and address the growing damage caused by temperature change.

Three of the world’s top polluters – China, Russia and Brazil – weren’t expected to attend the summit, although top officials from those countries planned to require part. For US President Joe Biden, whose country is polluting the world’s worst weather after China, the summit comes at a time when divisions within his Democratic Alliance party are forcing him to postpone efforts to global climate change.

On Vatican Sunday, Pope Francis urged the gang gathered in St. Petersburg. Peter’s Square: “Let Us Pray for the Cry of the planet and also the Cry of the Poor” to be heard by participants within the conference.

Negotiators will pressure countries to redouble their efforts to stay global temperatures above 1.5 ° C this century compared to pre-industrial times.

The climate summit remains “our last hope, the simplest one to stay 1.5,” said Alok Sharma, Britain’s prime minister accountable of global climate change.

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