UK NEWS: Johnson does not want a no-deal Brexit but can live with it

LONDON – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not want the Brexit transition period to end without a new trade agreement but believes Britain can live with such an outcome, the Church said on Monday.

As the end of December 31 as the transition period draws to a close, Johnson and the EU chief of staff, Ursula von der Leyen, agreed by telephone on Saturday to intensify talks on a post-Brexit agreement.

“I think something needs to be done,” Johnson said in an interview with BBC television.

“Alas, there are some problems that need to be addressed, and there is no doubt that the EU needs to understand that we are very committed to regulating our laws and regulations, and similarly need to understand that the restoration of UK fishing … is very important. ”

Asked if he was concerned about the potential impact of the non-compliance situation during the COVID epidemic, Johnson said: “I don’t want the outcome of the Australian WTO, especially, but we can just live with it.

“I think the people of South Africa have had enough … by being told that this will not happen or is intolerable. I think we can thrive under those circumstances. ”

The government last week told importers and exporters that they would have to fill out other forms whether there was an agreement or not and that their unpreparedness could lead to a 100 km truck line.

That led to allegations from opponents that the ministers were setting up the industry to blame any unrest that could follow Brexit’s arrest.

The EU says any agreement should be signed by the end of October, or in the early days of November soon, leaving enough time to be confirmed by the bloc before the end of the year.

Further trade talks are expected in London next week and in Brussels next week before the 27 EU leaders meet on October 15-16 to assess progress. London also said it wanted clarification on October 15 whether the agreement would be possible or not.

An estimated trillion euros of trade a year could be in jeopardy if they fail to reach an agreement.

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