UK NEWS: Johnson fears the loss of UK power and slavery if Scotland separates

LONDON (UK) – Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned Monday that Britain would be weakened if the union arrested four of its countries for violations – its latest refusal by Scotland’s liberation movement.

Disagreements between the nations that make up Britain – Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England – over the management of the coronavirus epidemic have damaged relations already strained by Brexit.

This is especially true in Scotland, which has voted to leave the European Union and where the views of the people supporting the liberation struggle are gaining momentum in support of its 300-year alliance with England.

“The United Kingdom, the United Kingdom, is the world’s most important alliance,” Johnson told reporters, when asked what the union meant to him.

“It would be a great shame to lose power, the magic of this union.”

Scotland votes 55 to 45 percent against independence in the 2014 referendum, but Scotland National Party, which is running an independent country, wants another vote. Although voters there supported the stay in the EU, Britain as a whole voted out of favor.

The Johnson Conservative Party, which dominates the whole of Britain and decides policies in the undeveloped areas of Scotland, is a strong supporter of the union and dismisses any party seeking a vote.

However, Johnson and other prime ministers have visited Scotland in recent weeks, discussing in more detail the strengths and benefits of the partnership.

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