UK NEWS: Johnson in the UK is hiring a new chief of staff in an effort to rebuild the team

LONDON, Feb 6 – The British prime minister, Boris Johnson, on Saturday appointed a new chief executive to rebuild his elite party following a series of scandals that left him struggling to bolster his authority.

Cabinet Minister Steve Barclay, a former Brexit minister under Theresa May, will lead Johnson’s staff, Downing Street said.

“The changes I am announcing to my senior team today will improve the performance of No 10, strengthen the role of my Cabinet and our colleagues in the sector, and accelerate our goal of measuring the country,” Johnson said in a statement.

Johnson, who won the 2019 Conservative majority since Margaret Thatcher in 1987, has repeatedly refused to resign on reports that she and some of her staff went to parties at Downing Street during the closure of COVID-19.

Those revelations raised questions about Johnson’s leadership style which is often controversial and has led to great danger to him since he took office. They follow a series of other scandals.

Johnson acknowledged that the problems needed to be addressed at the heart of Downing Street, which serves as his home and British center.

Munira Mirza, his 14-year-old policy chief, resigned on Thursday over Johnson’s allegations that Labor leader Keir Starmer had failed to prosecute child molester Jimmy Savile during his tenure as director of public prosecutions (DPP).

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