UK NEWS: Johnson says the UK will be a global activist after Brexit

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will redouble his British foreign policy in the Indo-Pacific region as he puts down the restructuring of the UK’s international priorities after Brexit.

The Prime Minister will publish a 100-page defense and communications plan, which officials charge for as the most comprehensive review of the U.K. region in the world since the end of the Cold War.

In the program, Johnson will unleash a new path for international activists on issues such as climate change and democracy as he makes it clear that he views the Indo-Pacific as a global political center, especially with great power in China. Johnson plans to visit India at the end of April on his first overseas trip since Britain left the European Union trade and market.

The plan will also have to increase the number of nuclear weapons Britain can hold, according to the Guardian newspaper. The limit will rise from 180 warlords to 260 subjects, Guardian said, citing a published copy of the review.

“The policy is to maintain a weak barrier,” Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab told BBC Radio Scotland on Tuesday, when asked about U.K. nuclear weapons. “We have to deal with countless threats, from criminal gangs, to hostile countries, whether it’s Iran or Russia.”

The policy framework includes overseas assistance, cyber wars, the future of armed forces, and climate change mitigation. For Johnson, it is an opportunity to tell the world how he sees Britain’s role after Brexit in a progressive global plan for the next decade.

“I have high hopes for the U.K.’s place in the world and our ability to seize future opportunities,” the prime minister said in a statement before the publication of this so-called joint review.

Brexit tilt

Since leaving the EU cycle at the end of last year, the UK has sought new trade and political alliances around the world including a focus on strengthening relations with the US. progressively heading to Beijing with its Hong Kong policies and their small Uighur Islamic group.

To mark the change, the HMS Queen Elizabeth warship will sail to the Pacific where it will be sent to the girls later this year, the government said. The U.K. has also applied for a co-operative position at the Association of Southeast Asia Nations, the prime minister’s office said.

“It is important to send messages to China that if he follows a system based on the rules of the federation, he will not be able to elect dissidents,” said Alan West, a member of the House of Lords and former head of the Royal Navy. “It is also the fastest growing economic center and the most important in the new British world.”

According to Johnson’s office, the review will include:

  • White House style room that will serve as an emergency control center such as a terrorist attack
  • Anti-terrorism programs and anti-terrorism center anti-terrorism and hostile countries
  • Significant investment in national infrastructure, innovation and skills, with a view to investing in industries including technology and alternative energy
  • Commitment to the construction of eight BAE Systems Plc type 26 warships and five Type-31 refrigerators by Babcock International Group Plc in Scotland, following the Scottish political struggle for independence.

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