UK NEWS: Lets Hope Best For Christmas Says Borris Johnson .

Christmas hope as Boris opens road map to UK ‘return to normal’

Boris Johnson today unveiled his plan to acquire the UK in the next phase of the coronavirus epidemic. In a roadmap for the ‘conditional’ Prime Minister in the coming months, he said he hoped the UK could return to the ‘imminent’ by Christmas. He said what he was saying would be a ‘hope’ idea to revive the economy and return staff to office. But he also warned the NHS that it could face other challenges in the winter if Britain is hit by a second wave of Covid-19.

He said at today’s press conference in London: ‘It is likely that the virus will be dangerous in the winter months and we are confident that the NHS will face the normal winter pressure of the year.

He said ‘We are making sure we are ready for winter and planning the worst. But even though we plan the worst, I firmly believe that we should have hope for the best. ‘That means looking forward with optimism, now we are expanding our program to uplift the remaining national avenues, which have cut short our lives since March, so that we can get closer to normal life.’

Below are the key announcements Mr Johnson made today at a press conference on the resumption of closure measures.

  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson sets out his ‘road map’ to bring Britain back to normal life in the next few months
  • The $ 3 billion funding for the NHS to receive during the Winter Councils will be empowered for immediate use of home beauty treatments to be approved from August 1.
  • When more work is being done for the NHS Mr Johnson has announced that the NHS will receive a $ 3 billion grant to prepare for the second epidemic of the disease.
  • The PM said the funding would allow for more hospital capacity while allowing routine treatment and procedures to continue. It would also mean that a private hospital could be used and Nightingale hospitals could be maintained until March 2021.
  • Mr Johnson increased the capacity to test antigen coronavirus to be increased to 500,000 a day – or 3.5 million a week – by the end of October. He said: ‘The dose of the antigen test, which is a test that tells you that you are currently infected, has increased by 100 since the beginning of March – from less than 2000 tests a day to more than 200,000 tests a day now. The PM says the number of antibody tests will be increased by October ‘Public Data suggests that we are now conducting more tests than anywhere else in Europe as a whole. And more tests than Germany, France, Italy, and Spain per capita. It comes after a warning that 120,000 hospitals could die in the winter in the UK in a very bad situation.
  • Closure The PM announced plans to implement measures to stop the spread of the virus through the closure. Councils will be empowered to close pubs and cafes without first going to Government.

These rules will allow city hall officials to block weddings and other gatherings as soon as possible.

Mr Johnson said: ‘From tomorrow, local authorities will have new powers in their areas. Boris Johnson gives new powers to councils to enforce their closure ‘They will be able to close certain buildings, close out public spaces outside and cancel events. ‘These powers will enable local authorities to act swiftly in dealing with prevalence at high speeds.’ The decision by local councils will not be enough, so next week we will publish draft rules on how central government can effectively intervene in the area. ‘When the evidence is relevant, ministers will be able to participate

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