UK NEWS: London will enter the most difficult phase of the COVID-19 restrictions

LONDON – London will be placed in the toughest of COVID-19 limits following a sharp rise in the prevalence of coronavirus infection, the Daily Mirror reported on Monday, as one of the world’s richest cities struggled to control the disease.

Earlier this month, the government launched a three-point plan in England to try to keep the second wave of the virus under control after a month-long shutdown. More than 40% of the population was classified as high-risk.

However, the capital, with a population of 9 million and the world’s largest financial institution, which makes up the British economic engine, is currently at the second highest level.

The Daily Mirror reported that Health Secretary Matt Hancock had told police he would return to London, quoting those on the phone.

Hancock was due to address parliament at 1530 GMT and later hold a press conference.

A national review of the parties’ plan was originally scheduled for December 16.

The main difference between the two main titles is that the bars and restaurants, which can remain open under certain conditions in the second stage, should close their doors on the third side and can only operate with pick-up services.

There are also additional restrictions on participation, but workplaces and schools are told to remain open.

“Entering the third phase before Christmas will be very disappointing for the people of London, and will have a devastating effect on the hospitality, entertainment and culture sectors,” said John Dickie, Strategic and Policy Director at London First Business Campaign.

London was one of the first parts of the country to be hit by a coronavirus during the early March to May period, but until recently the second wave had become more concentrated in the north and central England.

Data released last week showed that an estimated 100,000 Londoners stood at 191.8, putting the city at the forefront of tight jurisdictions, such as the West Midlands.

Based on that information, the government expressed concern about the spread of the virus in London schools and announced a mass testing program. Two districts of the capital have unilaterally chosen to close their schools altogether.

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