UK NEWS: Masks are” a matter of personal choice, in the united kingdom

Facial masks which will soon be a matter of personal choice ‘ for Uk citizens, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said in an interview with Reuters on Friday. Once you have asked for, and that he would have to stop wearing the mask, if it was allowed, Johnson replied in the affirmative, with an emphasis on is that a lot of people who would want to end up with the order of the mask as well.

“I’m not going to be wearing a mask. I don’t want to wear a mask, I don’t think a lot of people like it, but we’re entering a phase where it will be a matter of personal choice,” Johnson said in an interview with Reuters.

As in the united kingdom, it is fully prepared for the opening up of the economy after the July 19 pandemic supplies such as face masks, it will be left to the judgment of the people and the country’s “walk away” from the restrictions that make it difficult for its citizens, the Housing Secretary, Robert Jenrick, said.

“This will be another time when we, as citizens, will have to make those decisions, not the government, that tells you what you need to do,” he said Henrik.

“It seems that we can now go ahead and move to a more liberal regime, where we can be alone, a lot of the restrictions that had been so hard on us,” he added.

The prime minister, Boris Johnson, confirmed on June 28 that the majority of coronavirus restrictions in the united-kingdom and will end on the 19th of July. Jenrick of Johnson’s words, saying that the data that we have prepared for you to decide on the final lockdown restrictions in the UK, and will be closed on the 19th of July will see there is “a very, very positive,” due to the success of the vaccination program. A lot of people in the UK will have to place a call on July 19, ” Day of Freedom.”

“The data we can see that the prime Minister’s office is considering at this moment in time, before making a decision on the roadmap, and they look to be very positive,” Henrik, was quoted as saying by Reuters.

However, the British Medical Association (BMA), it appears that some of the measures in the fight against the coronavirus, such as the wearing of masks, and it is to ensure good ventilation it should continue to be so even after the 19th of July.

“These data, combined with an increase in the number of hospital admissions, suggesting that it would be very bad for the health of the lifting of all restrictions on the 19th of July … or for the society, with the hope that we have as a society to Covid, where no one is in to take any action in order to prevent the spread,” Dr Chaand Nagpol, chairman of the BMA’s Board of directors, said on Thursday.

Johnson had been scheduled to lift restrictions in June, however, a great Delta option that forced him to relent. He told reporters last week that the vaccination has been broken, the connection between the infection rate and death, but warned that some of the restrictions may not survive, even after the 19th of July.

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