UK NEWS: Only one in five staff in UK cities back to workplaces, think-tank says

LONDON- Only 17% of British city workers have returned to work in early August, underscoring the challenge for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to conquer the country away from the closure of the coronavirus, details released Thursday revealed.

City for Cities said the data, based on mobile phones, did not show an increase in the number of staff going to city centers in mid-June and the week starting in August. 3.

Johnson last month encouraged home-based workers to return to their workplaces to help the economy recover from its 20 percent recovery rate during April-June, the biggest collapse of the major developed economies.

“The cost of closing offices is becoming clearer day by day,” said Carolyn Fairbairn, director-general of the Confederation of Britain Industry, a group of employers.

“Some of the more developed cities are like big cities, missing out on the fleeting commercial aspects of life. This is especially true for local businesses, jobs and communities, ”he wrote in the Daily Mail.

Various figures published by the British Bureau of Statistics have identified nearly one in four businesses in residential and food and arts services, and the entertainment and entertainment industries lie at risk of insolvency as balanced or large.

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