UK NEWS: PM Johnson of the UK says strict Covid-19 rules before Christmas are impossible

Boris Johnson released stricter Covid-19 rules just before Christmas, as he seeks to draw the line under speculation that the Britons may demolish their festival plans for a second year.

But in a video conference nationally, the U.K. prime minister he called for warnings, saying “the situation is still stable” and that ministers could still move to announce alternative measures after December 25.

“We do not think today that there is enough evidence to justify any firm action before Christmas,” Johnson said. “We continue to monitor the omicron closely and if the situation worsens we will be ready to take action if necessary.”

The prime minister is under pressure from his science advisers who warned last week that “immediate” measures are needed to avoid Covid’s daily hospitalization of thousands, as well as his rebellious, rebellious MPs who recorded last week against light touch. steps.

Johnson walked out of a two-hour cabinet meeting on Monday saying he had not yet set new boundaries. But he has left open the hope that they may be introduced before December 25, leaving millions of people unsure of their plans for Christmas.

Members of his cabinet, including Exchequer Chancellor Rishi Sunak, wanted to see more details about the omicron’s seriousness and how cases could be interpreted for hospitalization before agreeing to laws that hurt the economy.

Sunak on Tuesday unveiled 1 billion pounds ($ 1.3 billion) on new tourism, leisure and cultural businesses, realizing that even without the closure, they were hit hard by British revenues that reduced social media as the omicron seizes.

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