UK NEWS: Police have provided access to information on people who have been told to separate from the UK government program

British police have been given access to information on people who have been told to separate themselves under the government’s ‘monitoring and evaluation’ program, the Department of Health and Welfare (DHSC) said on Saturday.

A spokesman for the department said it agreed with the National Police Council (NPCC) that officers could obtain information on cases to determine whether a person had been notified of their separation.

“The memorandum of association ensures that information is shared with appropriate and legal protections. No diagnostic or health data is shared in this process, ”a spokesman said in a statement.

These improvements were previously reported, which also quoted a statement from the NPCC stating that the police would continue to promote voluntary compliance but would apply the rules and issue restricted notices (FPN) where necessary.

The surveillance and monitoring program, which Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised to hit the world, has seen problems including the glitch identified earlier this month that has delayed the inclusion of about 16,000 cases in computer systems, including contacts.

In recent weeks, the level of COVID-19 infection has risen sharply in Britain with the second fastest wave, prompting Johnson and other regional leaders to impose strict limits on the closure.

Britain has one of the highest rates of death from the virus in Europe and has previously suffered more economic hardships than any other nation since the outbreak.

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