UK NEWS: Prince Harry and Meghan ‘are frustrated with the role involved within the Royal Family

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are reportedly tired of being caught by the designs and being treated like the family’s “strange third wheel”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are reportedly tired of not being able to pursue their careers without the ongoing intervention of the palace’s assistants.

Prince Harry and Meghan reportedly grew up frustrated by the ongoing rules and restrictions within the Royal Family, a new book says. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are said to be tired of not being able to pursue their careers without further intervention from the palace. help. And when The Queen did not bow to their demands for Megxit ‘they decided to leave for good’.

The allegations were made in the new book Gaining Freedom, edited by the Times and the Sunday Times. Their letter expresses the frustration felt by Sussex’s marriage in Windsor castle in May 2018.

It says: “While both of them were respecting the position of institutional administrators, it was difficult when they wanted to focus on the project and were told by an older family member, whether William or Charles, had a formal meeting at the same time they would just have to wait. ”

While The Queen did not bow to their claim that Megxit had decided to leave, Kate was “deliberately snatched” from Meghan Markle in their last public appearance.

Sussex felt they had invented the Royal Family and took it to “the highest places in the world”, but they were held hostage by fears that the family might be “dead”, he said.

The book states: “As their popularity grew so did their difficulties they understood why so few inside the Palace were looking for their ambitions. They were a great painting for the Royal Family.”

The Royal staff referred to Harry, 35, and Meghan, 38, as the “strange third wheel” of the family, and a friend of the couple who claimed to be the victims of a mindless machine of helpers and leaders – who had beaten the tradition.

Another source of anger came when Sussex was barred from forming its own group in Windsor, which is different from all others. The authors say: “It’s been a few months since this couple tried to express their concerns but the conversation didn’t go anywhere.”

Harry and Meghan finally had enough and announced in January their plans to leave the Royal Family after coming up with a plan for Christmas after snatching a stay in Sandringham.

Harry reportedly tried to discuss the “need for change” with the Queen and Charles before their ‘Megxit’ conference but were frustrated by the lack of movement.

Harry made it clear to friends that he did not want the community to continue his work, and instead wanted to focus on “work going on inside”.


Harry made it clear to friends that he did not want the community to continue his work, and instead wanted to focus on “the work that is going on inside.”

The letter said they wanted to see the Queen when she returned to the UK on January 6, but was told she was not available until January 29.

Harry, Meghan and Archie of Children are now at the highest level of the $ 15million Beverly Hills player.

Experts quote: “I devoted my whole life to this family. I was determined to do whatever was needed. But here we are. It’s very sad. ”However, the split reportedly did not lead to a relationship between Harry and The Queen.

The source added: “It has been made very clear that they can come back whenever they want.”

Meanwhile the Queen realized something was wrong with Meghan and Harry, Huge’s dog was left cramped in his new rowing pond after the owner’s mistake

The Queen’s family is seen as ‘indifferent and ineffective’ in Meghan and Harry’s new book

The Queen was ‘blurred and hurt’ by the website launch of Meghan and Harry.

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