UK NEWS: Queen expresses support for the mainstream media

LONDON – Britain’s Queen Elizabeth has given a clear tribute to traditional media in a message to reporters on Monday, saying they were providing an important public service during the COVID-19 epidemic.

At a time when suspended newspapers and television stations are often abused and accused of producing “fake news” by the U.S. President. Donald Trump and other world leaders, the message of the 94-year-old king was a rare gift.

“The COVID-19 epidemic has once again demonstrated the vital role played by the media, nationally and regionally,” he said in a message to members of Britain’s News Media Association.

“As our world has changed so much, having reliable sources of information, especially at a time when there are so many sources competing for our attention, is crucial,” wrote the queen.

The impact of social media on democracy, and especially the large flow of non-circulating information among users, is the subject of heated and unresolved issues in several major Western countries, particularly the United States.

Under the unwritten British constitution, the King rarely talks about political issues. The queen’s decision to send a public message in support of the media shows that she considers it a controversial topic.

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