UK NEWS: ‘Red glow’ Former UK health secretary warns government may need to reset the lockdown

As Britain prepares to remove almost all borders from Monday, the former UK health secretary has warned that the government may have to reopen the closure if the current state of cases of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) continues.

Jeremy Hunt, chairman of the Commons Health and Social Care Committee, told the BBC Radio 4 Today program that coronavirus-related hospitals are recurring every two weeks and that about 10,000 Covid-19 patients could be hospitalized by the end of August, twice. number than last year.

“The warning light on the NHS dashboard is not amber, it is red,” he said. “It’s a very bad situation.”

On Friday, the UK reported more than 51,000 new Covid-19 cases, the highest level in six months. Covid’s third disturbing wave, driven largely by Delta’s diversity, has prompted scientists and experts around the world to warn the government to remove all restrictions. More than 1,200 scientists have backed up a book published in The Lancet earlier this month, calling the decision “dangerous and illegal.”

Meanwhile, the UK government has shown no signs of backtracking on its decision, despite postponing the announcement that it would call July 19 “Freedom Day”. Hunt predicted that the country would “almost certainly” see a daily landmark in September. The current record for new Covid cases was reported in early January with nearly 68,000 cases.

“If they are still going up as the schools are coming back I think we will have to consider some of the most difficult decisions. The way we behave in the next few weeks will make a real difference, ”he added

Britain has placed its trust in high vaccination rates, with more than 52% of people completely vaccinated and 16% partially vaccinated. But a large number of people are at risk of contracting the virus, given the limited effectiveness of vaccines, according to various studies, on a worrying variety.

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