UK NEWS: Richa Chadha honored with Bharat Ratna Ambedkar award ‘I woke up to the greatness of the giant Babasaheb too late in life’

Richa Chadha, honored with the Bharat Ratna Ambedkar award, expressed her feelings and thoughts about receiving this exciting event.

Actor Richa Chadha was awarded the Bharat Ratna Ambedkar award. The actress took to Instagram to express her excitement and thoughts about receiving the award.

He wrote: “I am very happy to be among the recipients of the Bharat Ratna Ambedkar Award presented by H’ble Governor of Maharashtra. I woke up to the greatness of the giant Babasaheb too late in life, probably because of my royal right! Misunderstanding the caste system, India is incomprehensible. The winners included people who cared for the plight of others during the Covid era! Jai Bhim! UJai Hind! Thank you.

Many of her friends congratulated her on the award. Tillotama Shome wrote: “Salam Richa” while Konkona Sen Sharma said: “Congratulations! That’s great !!!

Richa always expresses her views honestly. After the Democratic victory in the US election, he wrote of Vice-President-elect Harris: “About this time in 2016, the world seemed to change in one day. We were shooting the first season of Inside Edge, it was shooting at night … and the demons were being announced! All night long, people were wondering what would happen in the next few months, worrying about needing new notes while trying to figure out how to put their hard-earned money (like old papers) into the bank. ”

“I went to bed at about 8 a.m. on November 9 and watched the results of the U.S. election, wondering why it was so close. I woke up at 3pm to find that the former manager of The Apprentice had been selected as the most powerful office in the world. Something broke me. It had little to do with politics … it was a strange and sad fact that several in a country where women outnumbered men, which was the “Greatest Nation”, which sent Hollywood to the rest of the world, still loved a man (who boasted of holding p *** es) about a woman.No one understood why this sounded so personal, it didn’t make sense to me either. But sometimes, bad things happen to show us the way. Things get worse, worse, worse before they get better, you know what I mean? Yes he does. Don’t make me spell. ”

“Now the Black Woman + of Tamil will be in the White House! Even the anarchist who is a critic + to me will celebrate. Akka’s foot at the door. Congratulations and thank you! ”

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