UK NEWS: The armed forces in the UK have been asked to help deal with the migratory boats crossing the station

LONDON (UK) – British armed forces have been asked to help control boats carrying passengers from the station from France, the Department of Defense said on Saturday after students arrived on the south coast of English.

Taking advantage of the tropical climate and calm seas, hundreds of people, including children and pregnant women, have made the 33-mile (21-kilometer) trek in recent days, many on rubber slopes and other small boats.

The Department of Defense said it had received a formal request from the Home Office, or Internal Affairs, to assist the UK Border Force with its operations in Dover Straits.

France has asked UK to pay 30 million pounds to English newspaper police – newspaper
“We are assessing needs … and are working hard to find out how we can best help,” the Department of Defense said in a statement.

A Home Office spokesman declined to comment.

More than 200 people arrived on the coast of England on Thursday, followed by 130 others on Friday, and the media reported extensively on Saturday as the hot weather continued.

The Minister of Home Affairs in charge of immigration compliance, Chris Philp, called the increase in immigration a “disgrace” and tried to put pressure on France ahead of a meeting with his French counterpart in Paris next week.

“The French need to prevent these people from entering the water illegally first,” he said in a comment column published in Saturday’s Daily Telegraph, adding that Britain would want to return to France those who had done so.

France’s interior ministry said the north coast groups linked immigrants on a daily basis and collected additional resources. It also said that five migratory boats were held five times between January and July compared to the same period in 2019.

“This is a collective issue … requiring a joint operational response,” a spokesman said.

The Sunday Telegraph reported that France would ask Britain to pay £ 30 million to the English Channel and that the UK had not yet decided whether to accept the request.

“Not a STORE”
The uncontrolled influx of asylum seekers and migrants from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia has long been a source of tension between European nations striving to find a shared solution.

Britain left the European Union in January and the transition period in which most EU laws and restrictions are still in effect will expire on December 31, which could further make it difficult to co-operate with an EU member in France.

Migration has been the most cohesive issue in Britain since the Brexit referendum was held in 2016 because the “take control” of immigration policy and borders was introduced as one of the key benefits for pro-Brexit campaigners.

Home Affairs Secretary Priti Patel, an enthusiastic Brexiteer, made the link on the Facebook page via the channel’s shortcuts: “I know that when the British people say they want to reclaim our borders, that’s exactly what they are saying.”

Critics such as immigrant and refugee rights groups have accused the government of intimidating other voters by exacerbating the issue.

“Britain is better than this. Getting a small number of people by boat is not a challenge, ”said Stephen Hale, chief executive of Refgegee Action, urging the government to focus more on the coronavirus and the resulting economic crisis.

The numbers crossing the Channel are small compared to the migration of people trying to and arriving in EU countries such as Malta, Greece, Italy and Spain each year by crossing the Mediterranean from northern Africa or Turkey, thousands of them dying along the way.

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