UK NEWS: The UK government is changing the grades of England’s school exams in the wake of the unrest

LONDON (UK) – The British government has yielded to public pressure through its school examination system, introducing an algorithm that reduces the results given to students in England after their cancellation of exams due to COVID-19.

Students are reacting outside the Department of Education as they hear the news that U-General is testing government standards, amid the spread of coronavirus in London, Britain August 17, 2020.

The government has faced days of criticism after a mathematical model used to assess teachers’ predictions reduced those grades by about 40% of students taking their best school leaving exams.

Students will now be offered the same standard as their teachers based on the previous system, the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday.

“I apologize for the tragedy that has befallen young people and their parents, but I hope this announcement will provide us with the right assurance and reassurance,” said Education Secretary Gavin Williamson.

He promised last week that there would be no U-Turn.

A vote by YouGov showed that 75% of respondents thought the government had treated them this way, while 40% thought Wellon should resign. Some students have been protesting against the first results.

Asked if he would resign, Wiltonon said: “I think those kids wanted to see what was being done.”

Compulsory marks were felt far away from Egypt and Pakistan as some local schools relied on British tests to protect internationally recognized degrees.

The algorithm will also be scaled down to obtain the results of a separate test taken mostly by students aged 15 and 16 years.

The disagreement damaged Johnson’s basic message to voters – that he wanted to remove barriers to achievement and help those from poor backgrounds and communities achieve their potential.

It shows new shamelessness in a government that has changed many times – including school discounts for school children following a campaign led by soccer star Marcus Rashford.

Some students missed out on university places after being reduced to some degree by the first moderator.

“These were issues that the government had been staring at for months and the government was moving slowly,” said opposition leader Leir Starmer.

Wiltonon said he was raising the number of students that universities could accept, but it was unclear how universities would handle the renewal of grades that had never been seen before.

The Russell Group of leading British universities said it needed urgent clarification on additional government funding.

The decision by the British central government, which operates in England, looks at what the fired officials did in Wales and Northern Ireland on Monday, and in Scotland last week.

Analysis of the algorithm shows that it has led to “unfair treatment” in favor of students in paid schools, Paul Johnson, director of the Institute for Financial Research, wrote for the Times.

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