US NEWS: Trump coronavirus US president may be released from hospital ‘Monday’, his doctors said

The president’s oxygen levels dropped on Friday before he was taken to hospital, his doctor said on Sunday.

U.S. President Donald Trump could be released from hospital as early as Monday as he continues to recover from the coronavirus, his doctors said.

Mr Trump, 74, has not had a fever since Friday and has not complained of exhaustion, Dr Sean Conley told reporters outside Walter Reed Medical Center in Maryland on Sunday.

She is currently on the second of five doses of the antiretroviral drug Remdesivir and has no side effects.

If things continue to go well, he could be allowed to continue his treatment at the White House on Monday, his party said.

Dr. Brian Garibaldi, a lung specialist, added: “If he continues to look and feel as good as today, our hope is that we may postpone the release tomorrow morning to the White House where he will continue his medical studies.”

Dr. Conley pointed out that Mr. Trump’s oxygen levels dropped before he was admitted to the hospital on Friday, which caused concern between his team and seeing him being given extra oxygen.

“Because of these two changes, I was concerned about the rapid progression of the disease. I suggested that we try more oxygen, to see how it would respond.

“She was adamant that she didn’t need it. She was out of breath, she was just tired and she had a fever – that was it.”

But even though he needed extra oxygen for an hour, the paramedics still asked him to be transferred to a military hospital for further examination, he added.

Dr Conley was also asked why on Saturday he refused to admit the president had been given oxygen at the White House on Friday, when his boss Mark Meadows told the media he was “deeply concerned” about his significant signs before Walter Reed arrived.

Dr. Conley added that “by doing so, it appeared that we were trying to hide something, which was not true”.

Former UK ambassador to the United States Sir Christopher Meyer today accused White House of giving “contradictory messages” about Mr Trump’s health.

He told that this had led to “good doubts” about the review of private doctors.

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