UK NEWS: UK battles new strain of coronavirus Here are some variations

Scientists have repeatedly stressed that all viruses change, in their case, even the flu virus changes and thus the vaccines need to be renewed regularly. The coronavirus evolved earlier, as well as at the onset of the epidemic.

Just as the world is beginning to hope that vaccines will bring a healthier life 2021 UK on Sunday warned of an infectious and contagious coronavirus. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has put London and its environs under the most severe closure since March, effectively canceled Christmas. “If a virus changes its immune system, we must change our immune system,” he told a news conference Sunday.

While Europe and the rest of the world were reviving a new dream and setting travel limits, the scientific community rushed to comfort the terrified people. Scientists have repeatedly stressed that all viruses change, in their case, even the flu virus changes and thus the vaccines need to be renewed regularly. The coronavirus evolved earlier, as well as at the onset of the epidemic. “This is a transferable, beneficial, ever-presenting phenomenon,” Dr. Ravindra Gupta, a virologist at the University of Cambridge, told The New York Times. “But people do not want to hear what we have to say, namely: This virus will change.” add.

How often has the Sars-CoV-2 virus evolved?

To date, scientists have identified two different viral mutations that cause Covid-19, the removal of H69 / V70, and D614G, both of which affect spike proteins, help the virus bind to human cells, and infect. This is the skill with which the vaccine seeks to target and weaken. The removal of H69-70 affects antibody detection, and it has been detected three times so far – in Danish cups, in Britain, and in a patient who was given very little response to plasma treatment.

The virus was first reported in Wuhan and since then, it is said that it has changed several times, most of which have not been detected. The BBC reported that if the current influx of people compared with the first to spread in Wuhan 25 changes would be noticeable, a little over two changes per month. As the human body becomes more proficient in identifying and fighting it, the virus is also expected to fight back, trying to avoid immune systems.

The D614G is the first known version that allegedly took place in East China in January and later spread to New York City and Europe. Within a few months, an epidemic of this type was found all over the world, as it had successfully replaced its predecessor, which had spread from Wuhan.

Scientists have determined that the epidemic spread rapidly as a result of the 614G mutation, claiming that some of the first successful states of the virus collapsed over time because of a new species, which spread rapidly.

The outbreak of H69-70 occurred when the coronavirus spread from humans to mink in Denmark and Utah later. The coronavirus has a tendency to jump from humans to animals and vice versa, mink stored on dense farms became victims of the virus and thousands had to be killed to prevent the virus from spreading to humans.

There is currently no evidence that mutations interfere with the effectiveness of the vaccine. While 614G was disseminating scientists studying its effect on human lung tissues and hamsters, they found that even though it spread very quickly it did not alter or create new symptoms, nor did it cause a major death knell. More important than changing mutations in human behavior, scientists say, affect the way the virus spreads far beyond the mutations.

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