UK NEWS: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces release of Covid-19 restrictions

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday announced a reduction of Covid-19 restrictions amid ongoing immunization programs in the country.

“Today marks the next phase of our guide to carefully reduce borders in England. As targets are issued, it is important that we do not overlook and jeopardize all the progress we have made,” Prime Minister Johnson wrote on Twitter.

From Monday onwards, people can meet in a group of six or two families can meet to reconnect. “People will be allowed in various sports venues including tennis, basketball, re-swimming and other sports,” he said.

The UK Prime Minister also said there is no need to stay home for long but many restrictions will remain.

“People are advised to work from home when it is still difficult and they should avoid unnecessary travel.”

“In order to prevent the transfer of new versions of the Covid-19, citizens will not be allowed to travel abroad,” he said.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the country has registered 4,347,013 cases in Covid-19 and 126,834 deaths.

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