UK NEWS: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is hopeful that the end of June 21 will end

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday said he had high hopes that all Covid-19 restrictions in England would expire on June 21, adding that the government would review vaccination certificates.

“I’m hopeful but obviously, nothing can be guaranteed … I have high hopes that we will be able to get there,” Johnson told reporters when asked about the June 21 deadline to end roadblocks on Monday.

Asked about the issuance of vaccine certificates to those who received coronavirus shot, he said: “There are serious and complex issues that we need to examine, ethical issues about what role the government is in giving everyone something to do or really prevent people from doing something like that.”

He said Prime Minister Michael Gove would lead the review of the matter, although he added that some form of vaccination passport would “reach international level or anything” on foreign trips.

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