UK NEWS: UK Prime Minister Johnson warns of New Year’s imprisonment as he defends new system

At a rally on Downing Street on Thursday after ending isolation and contact with a prominent Covid-19 MP, Johnson defended a three-pronged approach as the best opportunity to avoid a third-degree state closure in the New Year.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday battled rebels in his Conservative Party faction that the majority of England were placed in two very difficult stages of the Covid-19 high alert after the end of their second home detention next Wednesday.

At a rally on Downing Street on Thursday after ending isolation and contact with a prominent Covid-19 MP, Johnson defended a three-pronged approach as the best opportunity to avoid a third-degree state closure in the New Year.

“If we give up now, we risk losing the virus again, setting aside our hard-earned profits, and forcing ourselves to go back to National Year lockdown nationally with all the damage that can be said,” Johnson said.

“Under our Winter Plan, England will return to the territorial system. Our decisions about where to go are based on public health advice based on five factors: cases of all ages, especially over 60 years, the rate at which cases increase or decrease, the percentage of people surveyed in local Covid-19, and pressure on the NHS, ”He said.

However, the Covid Recovery Group (CRG), formed by Tory backbencher within its group, called it “dictatorship at work”.

“There is no idea that there will be a month of locks only for people to live under the most delicate borders after that,” said Harriett Baldwin, a Tory MP for West Worcestershire, listed in Tier 2.

Johnson has a comfortable 80-strong majority in the House of Commons, but if his 40 members of Parliament vote on his plan for the winter next Tuesday, he will have to rely on the support of the Opposition to succeed.

Also, the Labor Party is expected to decide early next week whether to fund the plans after consulting with coronavirus government experts.

Under the plans set for Communities on Thursday, only three areas of England – Cornwall, Isle of Wight and Isles of Scilly – are located in the lower Tier 1 or in the middle border range, most of England in Tier 2 or 3.

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Below the very high level of Tier 3, there is a complete ban on family mixing without limited external settings.

In Tier 2, the sixth law works with up to six members of different families allowed to meet outside and under Tier 1, the sixth law applies both internally and externally.

Unlike in the past, gymnasiums and intimate beauty services such as hairdressers will be able to open up at all levels but government-led states that people at all levels who can work from home should continue to do so.

Dedicated administrators in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have the authority to set their own rules for coronavirus but all four UK nations have agreed on a shared Christmas plan, which allows three families to meet together between December 23 and 27.

However, Scotland has put more advice on what might be called a “Christmas bubble”, with a maximum of eight adults.

Meanwhile, Northern Ireland embarked on another tough new Friday as a two-week “breaker circuit”.

Unscrupulous retailers have been told to shut down without click-and-click services and cafes and restaurants can only offer pick-up service. Wales has also used similar methods and continues to impose difficult means of social exclusion.

It comes at a time when the UK is recording 498 Covid-related deaths in the last 24 hours and 17,555 new cases of coronavirus, where the death toll from the virus is now over 57,000.

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