UK NEWS: ‘We are worried we might lose him’ – UK prime minister facing coronavirus this year

LONDON – British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said he was concerned about the health of Boris Johnson when the prime minister was hospitalized with COVID-19 in April.

Raab represented Johnson for a month while the Prime Minister recovered. Johnson became ill with coronavirus in late March and ended up in the intensive care unit at one point.

“I was worried that we might lose her and I was worried about Carrie who is pregnant with baby Wilf,” Raab told a Conservative Party conference on Saturday, reports the Times.

Johnson’s fiancĂ©e Carrie Symonds was pregnant with their son at the time.

Raab’s comments come just hours after US President Donald Trump was taken to a military hospital near Washington after being diagnosed with the virus. Trump will work in a special way at the hospital in the next few days, in what the White House called a precautionary measure.

With just a month to go before the US presidential election, Raab told the newspaper he had never met with Trump’s Democratic candidate for the White House, former Vice President Joe Biden, or any of Biden’s top factions.

But he said he had good relations with the top Democrats on Capitol Hill and that the election result would not affect the UK-U.S. relationships, reports The Times.

“Strengthening the friendship between Britain and the U.S. I think is in good shape no matter what happens in November,” he told the newspaper.

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