UK NEWS: Who is Jen Reid, whose statue temporarily replaced Edward Colston’s in Bristol?

On Wednesday, a new statue was secretly placed in the area where the former Salver Edward Colston was before being demolished by Black Lives Matter protesters. This new image, called Agege of Power, is from a woman named Jen Reid and shows her with a raised fist.

A cardboard sign on which it was written that ‘black lives are still important’ was placed under the memorial. Although the image has been removed now, here’s what you need to know about Reid and why you chose the statue.

Who is Jen Reid?

Jen Reid is a Black Lives Matter protester who helped demolish Colston’s image. He also took a photo of himself standing on top of an already vacant building with his fist in the air after a photo of Colstan was taken. The creator of the film, Marc Quinn, told The Guardian: ‘Jen created this image when she stood on the panel and raised her arm in the air. Now we put it in perspective. ” Edward Colston’s statue has been replaced by statue of a black prosecutor.

When his statue was revived, Reid, who told The Guardian that he had been working with Quinn for several weeks, said: ‘It’s just amazing. ‘This is so good that you are part of the protests, Reid told the Media:’ When I stood there with a plinth, and raised my arm in the Black Power sewage, it was completely automatic. ‘I never thought about it. It was like a power bill that passed me by. This scar is about making my mom, my daughter, and black people like me.

Thursday morning, this statue, unveiled by Bristol County Council, was taken at the request of council . The speaker said: ‘We will be held at our museum for the artist to collect or donate our collection.’ Mayor Marvin Rees was contacted on Wednesday: ‘I understand that people want to be exposed, but this image was created without permission. ‘Anything that is put on the plinth other than the process we have planned will have to be removed.

The people of Bristol will decide their future. ‘Quinn previously stated that she intended her statue to be a temporary posting to ensure that racial dialogue continues.

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