UK NEWS:Boris Johnson under fire for reigniting care home deaths blame game

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing a growing storm on Tuesday after he said some homes were paying attention to COVID-19 deaths, and revealed that he was trying to rewrite history.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson claps his hands outside 10 Downing Street on the 72nd anniversary of the NHS, amid a coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), London, Britain,
Britain is one of the world’s highest tax rates from COVID-19, with more than 44,000, and about 20,000 people die in nursing homes, according to government figures.

While the government has been heavily criticized by opposition politicians and some articles for the gradual delivery of protective clothing and home inspections, Johnson appeared to be suspicious of the overreaching of care homes.

“We found that many nursing homes did not follow the procedures as they would, but we are learning lessons,” Johnson said on Monday.

Mark Adams, Chief Executive of charity Community Integrated Care, said he was “deeply disappointed” by Johnson, calling them cowardly and cowardly, adding that they represented a dystopian rewrite.

“Getting a damning comment is almost blaming the social care system, and not raising your hands by starting too late, doing the wrong things, making a mistake after a mistake, is totally unacceptable,” he told BBC radio.

“If this is his real opinion, then I think we have almost entered the Kafkaesque truth.”

A Reuters Special report described how the government focuses on preventing frustrated emergency wards for home-based carers and staff on COVID-19.

To release the hospital beds, many patients were admitted to the homes of the elderly and most vulnerable, many without testing for the coronavirus.

After his comments, a spokesman for Johnson said: “Throughout this time the homes take care of the best work possible under the most difficult circumstances.

“The PM was pointing out that no one knew what the proper procedures were because the amount of broadcast time was not known at the time,” he said.

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