UK NEWS:Britons hurried home from France to follow new segregation laws

LONDON / CALAIS, France (UK) – British travelers rushed home from the summer holidays in France on Friday, booking planes, trains, boats and private planes arrived home before the 14-day arrival due to escalating coronavirus infections.

The government announced later on Thursday that it would decide whether people living alone would be detained from 0300 GMT on Saturday arriving from France, giving an estimated 160,000 holiday in the UK more than 24 hours to get home or face independence on their return.

Sudden changes in the rules have a new effect on tourists, airlines and tourists. The epidemic has left many travel groups bound for money and struggling to survive.

Many British tourists head to the French port of Calais in the hope of catching up on a boat or shuttle train home.

“We changed our plans when we heard the news last night. We decided to return home the next day so that we would not have to worry about being left out, ”said a British woman at the Calais railway station a week later in southern France.

Traffic jams were built in Calais until Friday afternoon. Boat companies are adding more crossing to help more people get home, Jean-Marc Puissesseau, head of the Port of Calais, told Reuters.

IndependentFly, a jet provider operating in Britain, said it had seen three common questions and bookings three times.

New segregation laws apply in France, the second most popular British holiday destination, as well as in the Netherlands and the Mediterranean island of Malta.

Passengers wearing a protective face mask arrived from Paris at Eurostar airport at St Pancras station, as Britain puts on a 14-day stay from France from Saturday, following an outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), in London, Britain.
Spain, a popular British holiday resort, came under separatist laws from the British government on July 26.

“We have had a number of inquiries from customers booked to these places in the coming weeks to change their travel plans to avoid private areas,” said IndependentFly chief executive Adam Twidell.

France has warned it will return, striking out that airline hopes to recover in August should it be canceled.

Flight sharing and travel decreases. The owner of British Airways-IAG was less than 6% and it is easy for Jet, saying it will use its entire system for the next few days, down 7%.

As Europe began to enter closed houses in March, Britain was criticized for not imposing restrictions on immigrants. But since June, it has introduced stricter laws for the detention of immigrants from countries with higher levels of infection.

This is in contrast to the extension of laws at home, where Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered a recurrence of the economy, in the churches after its implementation.

Transport Minister Grant Shapps said the government needed to balance the need to open up the economy and contain the virus. The UK has recorded 1,441 COVID-19 cases, the highest daily number since June 14, official details were shown on Friday.

Shapps told Radio Radio that he sympathized with the travelers but said they should not be completely surprised, given the fluid status of the disease.

“Where we see countries breaking a certain level of crime … then there is nothing we can do but to do something,” he told News Dope.

Airlines UK, an industrial organization representing BA, EasyJet and Ryanair, has called on Britain to use human settlements in institutions with high levels of infection and bring in a state of testing.

EU research has shown that cases brought in by COVID usually catch a small percentage of the disease when the epidemic is very close, but it is especially important when the country already has the disease controlled by the disease.

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