US NEWS: A spokesman for Trump says he has worked with a U.S. panel House investigating

WASHINGTON, Dec 25 – A former spokesman for former US President Donald Trump on Friday said he was in court working closely with a congressional committee investigating a deadly attack on Jan. 6 in the U.S. Capitol.

The spokeswoman, Taylor Budowich, said during a lawsuit filed within the Columbia Regional Court, he said he had produced over 1,700 XNUMX papers and provided four hours of sworn evidence to the House of Representatives panel.

Budowich, at a recent center, answered questions about funding and organizing Trump’s speech to supporters near the White House in Jan. 6 preceding the violence within the Capitol that day.

Budowich’s case sought a judicial writ barring a House committee from accessing his financial records from JPMorgan Chase & Co.

“Subpoena seeks personal financial matters that aren’t associated with any enacted legislation which don’t seem to be associated with any of the intended objectives of the commission,” Budowich said within the case.

A spokesman for the Epiphany of Our Lord committee failed to immediately reply to an invitation for comment.

Budowich’s case is that the latest during a series of social media campaigns aimed toward preventing him from using his summons for information, but it’s the primary case that focuses on calling financial records.

This week, former Trump adviser Michael Flynn and right-wing broadcaster Alex Jones filed separate lawsuits alleging that the committee wasn’t formally formed which its requests for testimony were illegal.

The judicature dismissed the motion, ruling on December 9 that the committee was legitimate and entitled to work out the White House records Trump has tried to shield publically. Trump on Thursday appealed the choice to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The committee has issued over 50 court papers and heard over 300 witnesses in its investigation into the attack.

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