US NEWS: A U.S. weather messenger special Kerry called Rick Duke as deputy

WASHINGTON, Feb 7 – U.S. Special Envoy to the United States John Kerry has appointed one of his top advisers, Rick Duke – the developer of an international agreement last year to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – as his deputy.

In a statement, Kerry said Duke would play a key role in fulfilling US obligations under the Glasgow Climate Pact and urging other governments to implement 2030 pollution reduction targets in line with the goal of keeping global temperatures above 1.5 C.

“Rick’s strategic vision has played an important role in the last two decades of American climate efforts,” Kerry said.

Duke has previously served as a special adviser on climate change to former President Barack Obama and as a colleague at the Brookings Institution think-tank. He will join Special Envoy for Climate Change Sue Biniaz to lead the US international climate policy in 2022, replacing Jonathan Pershing, who resigned last month.

As Kerry’s adviser, Duke played a key role in building last year’s Global Methane Pledge with the European Union, an international voluntary partnership aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30 methane by 2030 from 2020 levels. More than 100 countries have registered.

He also helped formulate a U.S. climate strategy to reduce emissions by 2030 under the Paris Agreement of 2015 and led US efforts to sign the United States into the Kigali Montreal Amendment to deal with hydrofluorocarbons, eliminating ozone used in the refrigerator. .

Pershing will return to his former job of managing the Hewlett Foundation climate programs in California. He told the New York Times last month that he planned to spend a year in the Department of State.

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