US NEWS: A US House panel investigating the Capitol attacks is set to hear charges in May

WASHINGTON, April 3 – A conference team investigating Jan’s attack. 6, 2021, at the US Capitol by supporters of former President Donald Trump intends to hold public talks on their findings in May, US representative Jamie Raskin told CBS on Sunday.

“The hearing should be in early May. That’s what I hope. Obviously we are facing many obstacles,” Raskin, a member of the House Select Committee, said in Jan.

The Select Committee has conducted hundreds of debates in its investigation into the attack, which came at a time when lawmakers inside the Capitol were ready to authorize Trump’s defeat in the November 2020 presidential election.

“What we want is a link between internal coups and violence. And I feel confident that we will be able to address that issue,” Raskin said.

Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, testified before a committee Thursday. The team is also looking forward to speaking with Ivanka Trump, Kushner’s wife and Trump’s eldest daughter.

The panel voted unanimously on Monday seeking “contempt of court” charges against Peter Navarro, a former Trump business adviser, and Daniel Scavino, a former Trump aide.

Raskin said the committee is continuing to process a seven-hour gap in White House records on Trump calls on the day of the deadly attack.

“We do not have a complete picture of what was going on at the time and that is very interesting,” Raskin said, adding that the testimony of witnesses provided the panel with insight into the discussions that took place at that time. “It looks like the spaces are being harmoniously aligned at the heart of the event.”

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy last year described speaking to Trump during the violence, saying he urged the president to withdraw his supporters and accept his defeat.

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