US NEWS: After the massacre, some gunmen in Uvalde favored stricter gun laws

UVALDE, Texas, May 28 – Guns are a part of everyday life in Uvalde, Texas, on a Republican-based corner in Hill Country where hunting is a common way to have fun with gun shops.

Support for the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is still active here, even after an 18-year-old shooter killed 19 elementary school children and two teachers with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle this week.

But interviews with more than a dozen civilians since the massacre revealed support for raising the age of purchase of guns from 18 to 21; which requires a solid background check; making it harder to find assault rifles.

A background check should assess whether those who want to buy guns are mentally healthy, not just if they have a criminal record, said Virginia Aguilar, 43, whose seven-year-old son’s school was closed at the time of the Robb Elementary School shooting.

“I think that in order for a person to be given the right to own a firearm in their home, they must see that they are stable,” he said while selling jewelry at a Uvalde store on Thursday.

But like others, Aguilar has expressed doubts that strict requirements can make a big difference. “Everyone will get a chance to get a gun,” he said.

Some say that tight school safety will be a better option than strict gun laws. Some say that strict gun laws will severely divide politics, even if they support it.

“I don’t think the gun replacement will do anything,” said Harry Rabe, 59, a retired electrician. “That will make everyone crazy because everyone in this city has guns, they all hunt, they use them.”

For many in the streets, shops, and markets of Uvalde, it was very quick, rather than very emotional, to consider changes in public policy.

“Now is not the time,” said 57-year-old baker Norma Velasquez, crying in her shopping cart remembering the two children who died in the attack: Xavier Lopez, her cousin, and Amerie Jo Garza, a frequent attacker. accompany the grandmother to buy cakes at Velasquez.

Salvador Ramos, who dropped out of high school at the age of 18 on May 17, officially bought two rifles and 375 rounds of ammunition a few days before he attacked the elementary school, according to law enforcement officials.

“I believe that to shoot weapons like that, there must be a special permit, a process for a person to have,” said Jay Spears, a 67-year-old hunting guide.

The political debate over gun laws – including the ban on assault rifles – has been raging across the country since Tuesday’s massacre. The concerts of that discussion look very different in Texas, where state legislators passed a bill last year that allowed gun handling without a license or training.

Texas also allows firearms on college campuses and does not require post-criminal testing to purchase firearms from unlicensed dealers, such as dealers in gun shows.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott withdrew his appearance at the annual National Rifle Association conference in Houston on Friday, but in earlier recorded remarks he opposed the new gun laws.

“There are thousands of laws in the textbooks across the country” that have not stopped the school shootings, says the governor of the Republic.

In a food stall at a Uvalde grocery store, nurse Lori Nalepa Martinez, 49, said the shooting that affected almost everyone convinced her of the need for a radical change in guns, such as banning the sale of firearms.

He also said he would now support armed teachers, a tactic adopted by Texas-based politicians but rejected by gun control activists and researchers.

“I could be right about that, and I’ve never been a shooter, but it made me think about it again,” said Martinez, whose three children had studied at Robb Elementary.

Spears, the hunting director, admitted he would like to see more robust security measures at the school, including metal detectors and armed teachers.

“When those kids arrive in the morning, have a few of them to watch as you do at the airport – boom, boom – make sure no one is carrying a gun,” he said.

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