US NEWS: An American official says the Pentagon is committed to understanding the origins of the UFO

WASHINGTON, May 17 – A senior intelligence official at the Department of Defense said on Tuesday the Pentagon had committed to finding the source of what the government called “unidentified aviation incidents” in the first public square about what is commonly called UFOs in many places. in 50 years.

Two top US intelligence officials have appeared before the US House of Representatives intelligence committee 11 months after a report documenting more than 140 cases of anonymous aviation, or UAP, American pilots reported seeing them since 2004.

“We know that our service members have encountered unknown air conditions, and because the UAP imposes potential aviation safety and common safety risks, we have committed ourselves to a concerted effort to determine its origins,” said Ronald Moultrie, who heads the new team as U.S. Secretary of Defense. intelligence and security, he told the court.

Another officer who testified was Scott Bray, deputy director of maritime intelligence.

The very popular name UFO, of unknown flying objects, has long been closely associated with the concept of outer space spacecraft, which was not mentioned in the UAP launch last June. Instead, the focus was on possible impacts on U.S. national security. and aviation safety.

The report, however, included some of the UAPs previously revealed in a Pentagon video release of mysterious objects in the air showing speed and movement that exceeded well-known aviation technology and lacked visual drones or control of the aircraft.

The report contained nine pages of “preliminary tests” compiled by the Office of the Director of Intelligence and a Navy-led Pentagon team founded in 2020.

Sub-Committee chairman Andre Carson, in his inaugural address, said it was important for the Pentagon to remove the stigma attached to the discovery of unknown objects, which he said had long been a source of frustration for military pilots to report for analysis.

“The UAPs are not defined, they are true. But they are real,” Carson said.

The security and intelligence analysts who prepared the analysis did not provide any findings regarding the origin of any of the 144 visuals embedded in it, with the exception of one resulting from a large melting balloon.

The Navy behind the paper was replaced in November by another Department of Defense called the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group.

Moultrie and Bray were scheduled to testify outside the doors following a public hearing.

Although you may not reach a conclusion, last year’s report said the UAP’s vision is likely to have no single meaning.

Additional data and analysis were needed to determine whether they represented the external air system developed by the U.S. government. private or commercial trade, or foreign power such as China or Russia, according to the report.

Security and intelligence analysts are yet to disclose the origin outside any UAP case, U.S. officials told reporters ahead of the report’s release last year, though the paper itself avoids any explicit reference to what might happen.

However, the report noted a change in the US government after decades of distorting, refining, and denigrating the visibility of unknown flying objects and “flying sauces” dating back to the 1940s.

The session will mark the first open-air conference hearing on the subject since the U.S. The Air Force cut off the incomplete UFO system called Project Blue Book in 1969.

During its 17 years of existence, the Blue Book compiled a list of 12,618 UFO sightings, 701 of which involved items that remain legally “unknown.” But the Air Force later said it had not received any national safety indication or proof of foreign vehicles.

In 1966, about ten years before he became president, then U.S. Representative Gerald Ford of Michigan, then a House Republican leader, organized a trial in response to a series of high-profile flash floods and high-profile football matches near Dexter, Michigan, an Air Force official had described. called “swamp gas.”

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