US NEWS: Approval of Trump’s Coronavirus Response Hits All-Time Low

The results of the new study were of great concern to the president because they showed a lack of support among some of his key areas.

President Donald Trump is listening during a meeting with Hispanic leaders in the White House cabinet, Thursday, July 9, 2020, in Washington.

President Donald Trump listened during a meeting with Hispanic leaders in the White House cabinet, Thursday, July 9, 2020, in Washington, D.C.

THE SECOND TYPES of American public emergence is President Donald Trump’s disagreement over both of the major problems facing the country now – coronavirus relations and racism, according to a new vote. The president’s estimates in handling the epidemic were still low.

A survey released Friday found that 67% of Americans disagree with the Trump administration in each disaster; 33% acknowledged his handling of the epidemic, and 32% acknowledged his close proximity to racial relations in the wake of violent police protests by Native Americans.

While Trump’s marks on his performance in those areas have been declining for months, the ABC / Ipsos poll was of great concern to the president because it showed a flurry of support among some of his key constituencies, including Republicans, men and whites. graduate from college.

The private sector has become increasingly unhappy with the Trump administration over those issues, and the polls it has received, on matters of grave concern for the president fighting for his re-election campaign. Trump’s performance endorsed 26% of independents in the July election, compared with 40% in mid-June. The vast majority of Americans, 40%, now identify themselves as independent, according to Gallup’s ongoing vote.

Trump’s approval rating on cars has also dropped among Republicans. While 9 out of 10 Republicans voiced support for the presidential running in Ipsos midterm elections, 78% are now happy with his handling of the conflict.

White Americans without a college degree were divided into answers to the country’s president, with 49% agreeing and 50% agreeing, the survey said. That compares with the June numbers that had 57% approval and 42% of that group disapproving.

White non-college graduates voted overwhelmingly for Trump in 2016, with 66% voting for president and 29% for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

The men in general, too, want Trump, the vote has been won: 66% now do not approve of his response to the epidemic, up from 54% who did not agree in June. Male voters like Trump over Clinton, 52% to 41%, in the 2016 election, came out and voted.

Unpleasant numbers for Trump are not a death sentence for him. Trump is an exceptional person, because he has managed to command strong loyalty from his base, even if parts of his supporters are unhappy with his performance.

In addition, voting represents only a limited number of candidates at a time. Polls taken in the summer before the presidential election are actually indications of where the campaign is heading, but it is also common for voter numbers to decrease as elections approach and voters return home to their parties and opinions.

With his declining voting numbers nationally and on the battlefield, Trump called on his constituents, saying schools and public places should be opened, and criticized those who wanted the removal of Confederate flags and statues remove

But polling found that 56% of Americans believe the country was being rebuilt as quickly as possible during the violence.

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