US NEWS: Biden, a pro-democracy activist, comes in the wake of a bipartisan virus aid bill, says ‘urgent arrest’ is needed

Biden said Wednesday that the developing aid package “would not be the answer, but it would be an immediate aid for many things.”

President-elect Joe Biden has shifted after a bid to help bipartisan Covid-19 and his top Capitol Hill allies cut their $ 2 trillion-plus demand by more than half in hopes of breaking a multi-month logjam and bringing much-needed help as a hurricane.

Biden said Wednesday that the developing aid package “would not be the answer, but it would be an immediate aid for many things.” He wants a bill to help him pass Congress now, with more help coming next year.

Biden’s remarks followed the announcement by Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., As well as New York Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer in support of nearly $ 1 trillion as a “basis” for negotiations. The announcement was intended to oust Senate Leader Major Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., Who has so far not intended to scrap the $ 550 billion Senate GOP plan that has failed twice this fall.

Democrats have accepted a $ 908 billion approach from the average Sens. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., And Susan Collins, R-Maine, among others. It could create $ 300 a week without work, send $ 160 billion to help governments and local governments, expand schools and universities, revitalize popular “pay-per-click” grants, and rescue and transport programs.

“In the spirit of compromise we believe that the framework of companies submitted by the Senators yesterday should be used as a basis for negotiations between the two,” said Pelosi and Schumer. They said they would try to build the system, with the support of the House from the “problem-solving” coalition.

The statement was an important concession to Pelosi and Schumer, who played hard football this fall during unsuccessful pre-election negotiations with management over cost-cutting legislation. They wanted huge profits from unemployment and too much for local and local governments. Their acceptance of the $ 908 billion estimate was a $ 1.3 trillion secret recess that the two Democrats handed over to McConnell just Monday.

It is another sign of the urgent need for additional Covid aid and economic momentum as the economy struggles to recover from being hit by the novel coronavirus. While the unemployment rate is not as high as they are feared, the food and aviation industries desperately need help, such as other businesses, government and local officials, transportation systems and the Post Office Service, among others.

The new system includes a credit card for businesses and other organizations that have opened their doors during the epidemic. This is the first time that Pelosi and Schumer have shown their willingness to consider the matter, which is very important for McConnell, although there has been no discussion of the details, which he is convinced is misleading.

McConnell rejected the bipartisan proposal on Tuesday, instead aiming to unite Republicans around the GOP’s $ 550 billion proposal. But McConnell himself has agreed to a $ 1 trillion deal — or this summer, only to meet opposition from guards who are pushing him to demolish it. He acknowledged that some of the government’s support for local government and local government, which is Pelosi’s great need, will probably eventually pass.

McConnell would not comment if asked about the Democratic Statement. His deputy, Senator John Thune, R-S.D., Said GOP leaders would agree to merge both proposals with McConnell’s bill.

“I think there is still time, even though it is short, to raise money,” Thune said.

Any aid package will be attached to the $ 1.4 trillion expenditure needed to prevent government closures next weekend. Negotiations on the move are ongoing but if the legislature stumbles, a temporary dissolution bill will be needed as a bridge next year.

A two-member panel of lawmakers has proposed a solution to differentiate the difference in the long-running crisis, with the hope of speeding up more aid to the injured nation before Congress adjourns the holidays. It was a sign that some lawmakers were reluctant to postpone the year without approving some epidemic aid.

Their proposal includes a $ 228 billion increase in funding for “temporary protection” subsidies for struggling businesses such as restaurants. It can restore the special unemployment benefit, but at a reduced rate of $ 300 per week there is a $ 600 profit made in March. National and local governments will receive $ 160 billion.

There is also $ 45 billion in transport, including logistical assistance and Amtrak; $ 82 billion to open schools and universities; and policy fees and health care providers, as well as food stamps, employment assistance and the Postal Service.

The new effort follows a separate election election that gave the White House Democracy and gave Republicans success.

Pelosi and Finance Secretary Steven Mnuchin have been embroiled in controversy over a week-long bill before the November election, negotiating a $ 2 trillion bill. Senate GOP officials opposed their efforts and Pelosi declined to comment.

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